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TE connectivity 

TE Connectivity is one of the largest electronics component manufacturers in the world, that involves automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics and energy

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Here our task is with helping TE realize their goal of creating a fully fledged e-commerce solution while retaining the usefulness of existing site .

Here we are more specific on Product page :

Improving content organization for product group pages

The existing product group pages didn’t have a clear content hierarchy and increased bounce rate.

Complex Filter feature for configuration set up

Every product has its own configuration set up with other products and to optimize this possible configured product has a complex filter .

Aesthetic and minimalist design

As per research of user behavior, We learned that a lot of TE customers trust tools like Octopart and Digikey to find specific parts. Users said that they usually first check the product overview and other details after that configured set ups. Thus, Product page needs to cover a variety of use cases, including organised information and ots filter functionality. 


We have created 4 interactive wire frames for usability testing purpose. Below are wire frames :

Concept 1 :  
Concept 2 :  
Final Hi-Fi Wireframe

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