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Digital Catalogue


For "Marketing and Advertisement" ,sales people has already one complete desktop app ,called "Sales site".It contains lot of information .So sales people facing below problems : 

- Performance Issue 

- Flexibility and Freedom of User

Finding Problems

Performance Issue

A+ E Network  is truly global company and joint venture with Hearst Communications and Disney–ABC Television Group, a unit of The Walt Disney Company.

The International division oversees 50 channels around the world, reaching more than 300 million subscribers in over 150 countries in 37 languages. 

So it has much more content than any other media channel.

As we know , "Digital Catalogue"functionality  is a part of "Sales Site" . This much content slower the search , upload ,download , navigate functionalities of "Sales Site app".

So this kind of performance issue add a negative emotion to the client's experience during presentation .


Global Network of A+E 

Flexibility and Freedom of User

Its always a good experience , where a user can control the application himself  , rather than someone control the application and displaying the features .

And from user research , we came to know that , laptop is not a suitable platform for displaying catalogues and explaining about it .


Suggested Solution 

Solution for Performance issue 

Resolving the performance issue ,We have to


- Recreate a separate native application for the specific function.

964 [Converted].png

- Reduce the no of hits on server for data .

- Reduce the application memory it self for smooth function


- Reduce the image size (not quality) to load fast.

Solution for Flexibility and Freedom issue

We can use tablet instead of laptop and mobile .Because laptop will be not that user friendly when we focusing on image swiping , zooming , selecting .It will be more easy to use in tablet (mobile has very small screen , not a good choice for image show casing.)

As it will be tablet base native app , it will become more fast that any responsive website.


User Flow

Access user flow.png
iPad Pro 9.7 White Mockup.png

Digital Catalogue is a tablet based application for the Sales people in Marketing & Advertisement field of A+E network .This application is helpful for them to market the TV shows or series to new client .

Hi-Fi Wireframe

Splash Screen

Create a new package and add Series

Deleting /Selecting series to new Album

Displaying posters from album


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