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How not to kill a


Plants give us OXYGEN for the lungs and for the SOUL.

Keeping house plants sounds like an easy task. But in reality, many of us end up with wilted and dead plants shortly after purchase? When I am looking through the top results of Google about houseplants, you will find a surprising number of links titled

Keeping plants alive”,

Why is my plant dead?” and

How to bring my plant back to life”.


So the assignment is to create an application on “Keeping your plant alive and healthy”.   Simple…

Keeping a plant alive is not a...


User Research


I have conducted interviews to get the insights of the users feeling an pain points during facing issues in using applications. One of the user interview (discussion) mentioned below .

Some of the user interview questions :


What is your occupation and how much time you spent in house ?


Have you faced any problems in maintaining the house plants ?


Suppose you don’t know much about the plant you bought , then how can you take care of the plant?


How can you manage of watering plant when travel for longer duration ?


How do you buy plants ? (online / offline)


Can you please explain in brief .What kind of problem you have faced ?


Have you ever used or take help from any mobile application ? If yes , then it was helpful ?


Do you know other stuffs in taking care of plant other than watering ?


To gain the understanding of the user requirement and the necessity of the app , I have done one user survey using google forms .

To gain the understanding of the user requirement and the necessity of the app , I have done one user survey using google forms .


In very short span of time , I got 29 responses from participants.

What do you think about keeping indoor plant ?

34.5 %

The User has already Indoor Plant.

58.6 %

They have no interest to keep house plant.

Your confidence level with caring of your house plants ?

31 %

User have no idea whether they are doing wrong or right , because some die and some plant live

6.9 %

The user thinks “Whatever plant I bought, it died after some time.

34.5 %

The user has decent knowledge about taking care of plants.

What are the problems you faced while maintaining the indoor plant ?

Don't know how much and when to water the plant .

6  (20.7%)

Don't have any other knowledge other than watering plant .

12  (41.4%)

If i don't know the plant name , difficult to identify.

7  (24.1%)

Don't know how much and Every time , i have to search in google or you tube to take care of my new plants .

7  (24.1%)

Don't know where to keep plants in shadow (inside house) or in sunlight.

5  (17.2%)


4  (13.8%)

Any Problem you faced in purchasing, Identifying, watering, maintaining  of house plant or Any bad experience in house plant.

Succulent plants seem to die

They die soon many times

I have no experience so far with indoor plants.

Plants die if enough sun light is not there.

The first plant which was gifted one died after some months. It might be because of unhealthy plant or over watering or less watering. No idea

Plants die if enough sun light is not there.

I never tried to purchase any indoor plant.But I will look forward to purchase in future.

It berings many insects to the home, planting is good but handling those insects are worst

i am trying to plant capsicum and chilli plant but they die after some time I need more vegtable plants tips

They die soon many times


We have done competitive analysis below existing app , to know get more insights and the components, features we need to show in our mobile app .

Plant care .png
Plant care reminder
Plant care.png
Plant Diary
Water bot.png
Water Bot

From competitive analysis and user research , we got to know about features and how to design them .Below are the features and components that we want .

  • Identify the plant by photo or name.

  • Add/delete a plant in the “My plants” section

  • Getting information about fertilization, pest control, plant behavior, pruning and etc through steps/images or videos.

  • Plant Watering calendar and reminder.

  • Reminder send to a friend automatically by message.


Problem 1 :
Over choice in buying and problem in identifying unknown plants and it’s need.

some user they don’t buy plants online , in reality they went to nursery to buy few plant that they know but end up with buying some additional  different plant because they like the additional plant more attractive and beautiful.


But when they come back to home , they face difficulty in maintaining the different plant .For that , they google it ,watch YouTube video .Some time even they don’t able to identify the name of plant ( because of variation of local names of plants )

Problem 2 :
Forgot to water the plant Regularly

Some of the users are really busy in their working life .They love to keep the plant in house or in office cubicle for better ambience but forgot to water them regularly .


They always forgot to water them , when they remember , they pour more water which is also not right.

Forgot to water.png
Problem 3 :
The users who travels a lot , they don’t know what to do ?

Some of the user are regular travellers , they used to go for trips , business tours for 5-15 days .At that time they can’t track the most basic requirement, watering .So they usually take help from the flatmates , neighbours .


But how , a flatmate will know the pattern .And if there is any app for that also , why should he download and install the app for temporary period of time .

Problem 4 :
Don’t know the other process or other stuff to take care of plants

Some of the user , they are pretty confident about regular watering the plant , but they still they don’t know how to take care other stuffs like fertilizing, keeping safe from insects , keeping it in sunlight or shadow .


Most importantly , user’s don’t know , how to use fertilizer , pesticide , what should be the composition of the soil .If you are using seeds , how to do germination , etc .

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 8.00.04 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 9.01.34 PM.png
Paper Sketchs
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.07.33 PM.png
Identify Plant
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.08.16 PM.png
My Plant
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.07.42 PM.png
Search result
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.07.49 PM.png
Plant Page
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.08.00 PM.png
Prunning or Repotting
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.08.07 PM.png
Add to "My Plant"
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 10.08.30 PM.png
Water Scheduler
Hi-Fi Prototype

As per all the details we have collected from research and analysis we have designed paper prototype.


On basis of paper prototype we have created lo-fi interactive prototype.


To see the integrative prototype click or copy on web browser on below link :



For Solving all the problems , we have modified the existing flow , create the prototype.It is better to show the solution through the Prototype and wire-frames.

Note : First we displaying IA, Sitemap , paper sketches.


Final DEsign


I have used the NEOMORPHISM TREND to design some of the screens.

Principles of Neomorphism :

Use only standard effects to achieve the desired result. Use gradients with alternating colors.

Design 3.png

Use a few shadows to achieve the desired effect. Duplicate shadows with the opposite surfacing color and offset

Design 2.png
Elements :

The main goal is to use a mix of familiar and analog elements in a minimalistic manner. Such effects achieved through utilizing gradients and shadows.

Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 9.52.53 AM.png
Plant 1.png
Plant 2.png
PLant 3.png
PLant 4.png
Plant 5.png
Plant 6.png
Plant 7.png
Plant 8.png
Plant 9.png

Thank you..


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